Friday, October 8, 2010


Preoccupied by some very unpleasant but unavoidable personal matters the last week or so, I could not access the internet as much as usually I do.

But, to all intents and purposes, it matters not.

The beat goes on and on and on.

When I do, I simply read/see/hear more of the same, large, gaping political vacuum and NAZI AXIS UBER ALLES.

A predictable continuum and spiral of violence, decay, death, destruction, deterioration, clashes, class conflict, hate, here, there, everywhere, concomitant with Dante's abyss of descending rings in a NAZI/FASCIST created global Hell and Purgatory inferno.
Stay tuned.
I will TRY updating from time to time, depressing, demoralizing, nauseating, disheartening, sickening and PREDICTABLE as it is.

So, today, I selected one item about Iran's current KISH ISLAND FREE TRADE ZONE and its sanctions role:


And, then, a 2005 retrospective concerning
NAZI IRAN'S KISH ISLAND FREE TRADE ZONE, as usual, hypocritical, but, significant role:


Meanwhile, back in NAZI AXIS OCCUPIED territory of what was, once upon a time, formerly a sovereign state called Iraq, disregarding obligatory propaganda and spin below, a few kernels, nuggets of truth and fact shine brightly through a haze of otherwise NAZI ideological dung, fiction, fantasy, spin and garbage:



NAZI United Suckers and Assholes, forget it/them.
They are down the proverbial historical garbage bin.

The ONLY rays of hope are stirrings of a few local labor unions which despite, or, in spite of, their FASCIST/NAZI PARTNERED national and statewide leadership, contribute small amounts of money to statewide and/or city INDEPENDENT political candidates and parties.
Compared to national unions, the locals do not have many resources immediately at their disposal.

So, if they contribute anything at all to political campaigns and candidates, it represents a huge sacrifice, break, a positive sign and a slap in the face.

But, still, it merely is a token in a much larger, bigger, grander, broader Sword of Damocles.
For a very SAD denouement, I'm very sorry to report the latest chapter in our ongoing California David and Goliath, NUHW labor upstart challenger versus SEIU, battle.
Before reading it, below, allow me to add a few brief editorial comments.
I did NOT want to say, spell out, previously, beforehand, but, HIGHLY suspected, under NO circumstances whatsoever would NUHW be permitted to win free and fair elections.
I assumed either through government NLRB (Natl Labor Relations Board) intervention and/or surreptitious SEIU/KAISER machinations, intimidation, threat, ballot stuffing, collusion, MOBSTER, THUG, GANG UNION SEIU, partnered with Kaiser, would insure an SEIU victorious outcome.
I do NOT believe election results will be invalidated by the NLRB, as demanded, requested, petitioned, below, because I believe the fix was/is in beforehand and an outcome predetermined.
The simple, immediate THREAT represented by just one large, independent, upstart labor union challenge on a national level simply is too great for the Establishment to chance and POTENTIALLY would upset existing PATTERNS of labor strangulation, control, enslavement and compromise presented by their pension fund investments, Democrat Party financial contributions and PRIVATIZATION objectives both abroad and here at home:


I do hope I am wrong this time.
But, obviously, I doubt it.
Crescendoing, cascading repercussions, power shifts and vacuum created from 1991 USSR dissolution and subsequent NAZI/FASCIST beast, behemoth unleashed are neither appreciated nor understood and denied by most everybody.
If one lives in states of permanent denial and ignorance, one dies the same way.

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