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Well, I agree with Rogers characterization above and below in that it "will be the end of us all," but, for reasons and analysis different than that which Rogers describes because Rogers is much too limited.

Our current trade and/or currency wars to which Rogers refers below, to those with some inkling of theory, history and background, are intrinsic parts and parcel of a familiar, much larger pattern, imperative and logic of primitive capital accumulation, mercantilism, ancient empire and modern day CAPITALIST ECONOMIC COMPETITION, CONTRADICTION, EXPANSION, market penetration, profitability.
And, that's why war and more war
inevitably accompanies economic expansion and a consequence of modern day USSR liquidation, including formerly Red China.
Back to the future.
So, in that sense, Rogers is correct, "it will be the end of us all":



Meanwhile, ALITTLE note about TIMING, PURPOSE AND CONTENT of Wikileaks Iraq.
I listened to Wikileaks press conference on C-Span and ridiculous, preposterous assertions made by Julian Assange regarding prevention of war in "democracies," which is as much blatant ideological propaganda and spin as that which supposedly they/he are leaking.
Anyway, it is/was pointed out at the Wikileaks press conference, our US midterm S-ELECTION occurs shortly.
NOTHING, I REPEAT, NOTHING leaked, printed in our crappy commercial ESTABLISHMENT media MOUTHPIECE the NY TIMES and/or WASHINGTON POST does NOT represent official POLICY and/or political partisan posturing.
Our current Secy of Defense Gates is a Bush Administration relic, dinosaur, leftover and will be resigning shortly after this November's election.
The period in question regarding Wikileaks happens NOT to be a Democratic, but, Republican Administration.
Next, POLICY regarding Iraq, the broader Middle East, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc., presently is being MADE, CARRIED OUT, CREATED AND REPRESENTED through auspices of PRESIDENT (Secy of State) HILLARY CLINTON'S office.
And, of course, Wikileaks will be a tool in her/their greater arsenal promoting CLINTON/US policy vis-a-vis Iran, the greater Middle East, Iraq, PRIVATIZATION, commercial interests, representing a "new, changed" US Administration policy and more "enlightened tools of human rights, economic development, persuasion, etc."
This OFFICIAL US policy shift, change is well represented and reiterated ad nauseum, if you wish to bother listening to it/them, by our various think tanks, organizations, meetings to which one can listen IF you go to C-Span and do some searches.
It is our Establishment mea culpa version of how terrible a situation, a Middle East conundrum, disaster, now created by feckless invasions of our previous Administration and something must be done NOW to change, ameliorate, alter course, direction for our "allies," our own interests, etc.
Basically, it is THEIR sanitized version of what I repeat on my many posts and those elsewhere on the ground know all too well, minus PRIVATIZATION economics, capital expansion and penetration, imperialism, naming names, etc.
So, Wikileaks is part and parcel of the above stated purpose.
Now, to provide you with but ONE SAMPLE of what I mean about policy mea culpas, handwringing, horror stories, here's but one recent all day CONFERENCE held by the NATIONAL COUNCIL ON US-ARAB RELATIONS, videotaped and broadcast for C-Span.
Many more available IF you care to search C-Span video archives by subject matter and listen to all of it/them:


In conclusion, I am happy for anyone who achieves a sense of justice and/or closure with the kind of specific information, details, atrocities, torture, killings, circumstances and names provided by Wikileaks.
That is fine.
And, an important part of the historical record, of course.
But, that is about the only thing it will accomplish.
Nothing else.
As Daniel Ellsberg said, since he was present and spoke at their press conference, ALL OTHER information remains TOTALLY MISSING and UNACCOUNTABLE!!
Past, present and no doubt future wars of aggression, empire building and imperialism included.

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