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FROM JULY 2007...

In a current post, "EFG HERMES," (SEE EARLIER POST BELOW) I link to an entry with EXCERPTS from my initial blog, now unavailable, blocked, for reasons unknown to me. For comparison and reference, occasionally, I thought I would reproduce from it a post in its entirety. I can't reproduce hundreds, thousands, of entries, but, a few here and there, selectively. I do/did NOT add or delete any content EXCEPT a few formatting changes making text legible, easier reading, adding to occasional emphasis. Some links do not work, as usual. And, you will clearly see backdrop mentioned to events that unfold, like a subsequent Galbraith Kurdish OIL investment expose, not known at that time, obviously:

FROM JULY, 2007:


In my previous post about a secretive Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, I linked to an article that Abu Dhabi Investment Authority purchased an 8% share in Egypt's EFG-Hermes.
Of course, the ubiquitous Citigroup sits on the Hermes Board.
But, it should be noted in this world of interlocking interests that Abraaj Capital has a 25% stake in Hermes, as well.
So, Abu Dhabi-Hermes-Citigroup-Abraaj and, then, Abraaj, in turn, partnered with Dana Gas, Crescent Oil, Pakistan, etc.
See my post beginning with May 27, 2006 for some of these previous connections:

For research purposes, if you search around it, the following link has much more information on the funds named above and many others, their board members, news, etc.
For American readers, aside from the obvious international firms in this list, note the presence of TIAA-CREF, one of America's largest public pension fund investment institutions and THE main reason why NO Left and NO opposition exists in the US, as I discuss in previous entries:


Following from the above connections to Israel/Gaza/PA the following:
Abraaj and Dana Gas "formally" united to develop Middle East-North Africa gas export:

AND, apparently, according to articles in:

a previous arrangement exists between BG and the the PA for its offshore gas deal in which the PA owned 10% and would receive $100 million per year in royalties now very likely torpedoed (in more ways than one), reverting back to a PREVIOUS arrangement for BG to send gas to Egypt, instead, for further export.

See my previous post from June 25, 2007 for conflicting and competing interests on the PA, Israel, BG, EMG, Egypt gas deals:

Flowing from all this, below, a very good analysis regarding recent military events in Lebanon, Gaza and Iraq:

Another related development, widely reported.
Iran and Turkey apparently signed an MOU to send Iranian gas thru Turkey and the Nabucco pipeline for export.
Here's just one article on this, altho many others exist:

But, there's something really curious, strange and fishy about the timing of this sudden announcement that others besides myself have noted, including a preceding article, as well as feasibility.
Clearly, it would seem to me, it is attempting to influence the upcoming Turkish elections.
In another article, it points to Iran's concern over a Turkish invasion into Kurdistan:

Well, at this very moment, Turkish artillery and warplanes have already shelled a border town according to numerous reports.
According to further reports, Talabani still claims the referendum on Kirkuk will go forward as scheduled, setting up a spiraling military confrontation.
In the on again/off again Iraq Oil Law, Kurds claim there is a "secretive" body changing the oil law:

Preceding all fits into a following blog entry about the "Iraq Project," as I will show subsequently:

An "Iraq Project" to which they/he refers in the previous link discussed in my entry of July 10, 2007 regarding implementation in it's newly reincarnated form of a "Biden Plan," Iraq's "soft partition," internationalization, UN/EU/NATO involvement, Hamilton-Baker report, "Washington's Geostrategic Shift" culminated in past November's midterm elections and as an extension or return, as you will see in my July 10 entry, to a previous "planning" report of 2002 by the American State Department entitled "The Future of Iraq Project."
Here's my previous, July 10, 2007 entry which has within it a direct link to the State Department's 2002 "Future of Iraq Project":

Many names in preparation of a Future of Iraq Project with which one will be familiar, by now.
One amongst others, for example, Peter Galbraith of the Iraq Project, has an equally well known and well connected brother, James Galbraith.
By happy coincidence, James Galbraith also sits on a misnomered "progressive" government organization, about which I've commented in the past.
See their website for his name:

And, Peter Galbraith just wrote the following verbose article regarding Iraq, without ever once mentioning the specifics of the oil law, the contracts, companies, etc., altho plenty of mythology about Sunnis, Shias and Kurds:

Following this, "US Chamber of Commerce To Set Up Iraq/Jordan Meeting":

And "Iraq Delegation to Attend International Labor Organization (ILO) in Jordan":

This labor meeting naturally follows from Munir Chalabi's connections and an American/Western controlled ILO, having demolished Iraq's former, large, state and WFTU connected labor organization.
Iraq's labor unions now serve at the behest of Chalabi and his private Western backers, just like in the US.
Meanwhile, the Baath Party has issued another clear, precise challenge/statement:

Thus, the US corporatist Fascist coalition, NATO/EU/UN, face a highly articulate, sophisticated, militant resistance movement in the neighborhood of Turkey, Iraq and Russia, with varying degrees of similar organization elsewhere.
No surprise the bogeyman of terrorism and Bin Laden have been resurrected prominently at this moment.
One more comment.
Everywhere else but NOT in the trade industries literature a pervasive explanation for the world's present conflicts persists by way of the "peak oil theory" or, diminishing fossil fuel resources.
This is patently false.
It's just the reverse.
In my entry of August 27, 2005, I discussed some of this in "Deep Oil Versus Peak Oil:"

The entire present oil and gas industry being contrived in such a way both producer and consumer, end market, agree to maintain a fiction for purposes of perpetuating a gargantuan economic system, finite supply, in which both benefit.
The system only works, remains profitable, if few producers supply a large, targeted, assured, controlled captive market.
In theory, as I have said in my deep versus peak oil blog, one could do deep drilling anywhere on the globe and strike either oil and/or gas, especially if the process creating these a(non)biotic fuels is internally self-generating, renewable.
But, this would demolish a present gargantuan economic structure built around our present fuel supply system.
I'm NOT advocating the merits of oil or gas.
I'm simply pointing to this critical misunderstanding.
So, once more, in a "thought experiment," if I had sufficient money to hire necessary equipment and technology and do deep drilling in my own backyard, assuming I had a backyard, eventually, I would hit pay dirt.
But, then, what would I do?
I could supply my own needs, but, clearly, this capacity would be way above and beyond my individual needs and not compensate me for my enormous investment.
Or, I could invest more money to build some way of transporting my gas/oil to others and not only compensate myself but make profits, assuming my market and pricing was steady and/or expanding.
However, what if my neighbor across the street or on the other side of town decided to do the same thing?
In addition, let's assume my neighbor drills only a couple of feet down and the gas/oil practically bubbles up from ground surface, as opposed to my own well which requires much more "deep drilling."
Well, I think you can extrapolate from here.
When state/nationalized industries such as Gazprom, previously, under the Soviet Union supplied gas/oil for themselves and others they were simply a producer supplying an inexpensive commodity, fuel, to their entire network and to other countries, as well, such as Cuba.
Energy was just another commodity.
All these other issues emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Nothing changed in terms of the gas they previously supplied.
It's the rest that changed.
Anyway, along these lines, here's an interesting piece on OPEC, Saudi Arabia and the US;
"We Have Met OPEC, It's the US":

And, finally, with so many provocative articles available on the uruknet website, I will link to one more from the Cats Dream blog:

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