Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Since posting an invitation below named, "After the Storm..." I received quite a few more unsolicited e-mail investment invitations recently, including name of, amongst many others, all time favorite NAZI financier, MORGAN STANLEY.
For brevity's sake, I decided simply to highlight and link today to a recent EFG HERMES press release, announcement, a sort of invitation to dance, although not a conference.
Reason being, I featured Egypt's prominent EFG HERMES investment firm a long time back.
After a recent EFG HERMES IRAQ investment "invitation" below, I link to a few previous posts I did on "prestigious, well-connected," EFG HERMES wider Mideast role:

Below, I believe, a particularly GOOD, IMPORTANT, succinct, background post I did on prominent EFG HERMES in 2008 reproduced from 2007:

Since Syria in the news ALOT, I also reproduce a slightly more recent link about EFG HERMES and their SYRIA investment fund which I featured ONCE AGAIN in a more current post.
This being somewhat repetitive.
Put two and two or two and three together and what or how much do you get??:

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