Sunday, February 26, 2012


I can not cover an entire globe, unfortunately.
So, a brief entry, update, refresher, reminder, concerning Pakistan's ongoing PRIVATIZATION opposition, resistance, battles, must do for the moment.
I wrote earlier posts about Pakistan PRIVATIZATION ("Sell, Sell, Sell in Pakistan"), their connections to/with former criminal BCCI (Bank of Commerce and Credit, or, Criminals and Crooks, International), Pakistan ISI/Saudi/Taliban covert operation funding, AND, ongoing BCCI/Iraq traitor extraordinaire Jafar dynasty, octopus tentacles.
Below, along with OTHER reports, some good photo galleries nicely, clearly, depict, reveal, WHY, in this PART OF THE WORLD, NAZI sponsored REACTIONARY COUNTER-REVOLUTION employs, utilizes, manufactures, hides beneath, behind, a costume of BARBARIC, REPTILIAN, ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALIST DICTATORSHIP REGIMES as their modus operandi:


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