Saturday, February 4, 2012


Another one of many flavored sponsored regime change scenarios fueled, propelled, by numerous COVERT OPS, NAZI NATO/EU/IMF ROCKEFELLER CITIGROUP/EXXON/SAUDI ARAMCO/MORGAN PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS, interests, investments.
Syria also being an indirect proxy WAR AGAINST IRAN, instead of IRAN IN IRAQ, so VACUOUS BOBBLE AND BUBBLE HEAD NAZI OBOOMA CROWD maintain mythical, like voodoo debt and stimulus economics, US Iraq troop" withdrawal."
Other than to vote or not in UN Security Council Syria resolution, Russia to do nothing more since Putin now economically partnered, invested, compromised, with Iraq family extraordinaire JAFAR/ALLAWI octopus, dynasty; additionally, Russia LUKOIL NOW offered, promised, an Iraq Statoil concession.
So, I expect Russia to go along with any UN Syria resolution and concomitant REGIME CHANGE scenarios.

China, as well, partnered, invested, NOW, with SAUDI ARABIA, whom, in turn, is a US vassal, client state, like nearby Israel and a revolving petrodollar/euro door, money-go-round, inflationary, speculative bubble, investment scheme.
Russia MIGHT abstain from a UN Syria resolution vote.

Russia MIGHT, altho, I believe, unlikely, vote against it.
But, either way, all represents nothing more than political posturing, window dressing, fig leaf.
Below, I highlight another one of many flavored, redundant, Mideast NAZI PRIVATE investment funds for whom ALL Mideast (and other) peoples sacrificed, slaughtered, on THEIR OWN hallow, shallow, PRIVATIZATION ground.

In link following, one can find, ALSO, an "illustrious, well-connected," Board of Directors for whom OTHERS being murdered, displaced, tortured, sacrificied on their PRIVATIZATION ALTER by THEIR surrogate forces, armies and FRANKENSTEIN NAZI ISLAMIC MONSTER CREATIONS:

As an afterthought, I reference a few earlier background links I did regarding Syria PRIVATIZATION process.

More posts exist encompassing Syria, if you care to search my blog under the word/country name, "Syria."
But, these two EXAMPLES to suffice at the moment:


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