Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Two entries today, this and one below.

For obvious reasons concerning power, political intrigue, subject matter, I recollected something.
I reminded myself of a SPECTACULAR BBC PRODUCTION, POLITICAL DRAMA, I once saw some years back, entitled, "House of Cards," starring Ian Richardson in an inimitable rendered SHAKESPEAREAN performance, along with equally stellar supporting cast.
Now, for those who might never have seen "House of Cards," first, below, I provide a Wiki background link.
But, IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN IT, I highly urge you NOT read a plot synopsis provided in the Wiki link BEFORE at least attempting to find, watch, view it, once.
Simply read the Wiki INTRODUCTION.
Apparently, it SEEMS it is available in parts, segments, on youtube, although, I have NOT watched all episodes, yet, myself, to be sure it follows sequentially.
But, I will link to an opening segment and introduction after the Wiki link.
I wish everyone could watch the ORIGINAL in its entirety on a LARGE SCREEN.
No remakes or anything of that sort.
REST ASSURED, as in any substantial drama, mystery, political intrigue, plot, a VERY LAST SCENE, DENOUEMENT, comes as a MAJOR DRAMATIC TWIST, SHOCK, SURPRISE!!
I think, as you will see, truth, reality, fiction blend, meld, reflect, characterize one another so perfectly, indistinguishably, in this dramatized mirror image that being probably why it came to mind.
So, Wiki first:


Then, a brief INTRODUCTORY VIDEO with CLIPS (note, as they say, plot SPOILERS in the clips, BUT, NOT A SURPRISE FINALE):


Then, an opening segment, after which you are on your own (see right hand side bar on youtube):


AND my earlier post below...

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