Friday, February 3, 2012


A marriage proposal, partnership, engagement between two old NAZI entities, friends, represented ABOVE, DEAD IN INFANCY, now, thanks to OLD, resurgent, power struggles between bickering EU member states centered around Greek DEBT and default.

Sorry, but, I can/do NOT do justice to OLD/NEW EU member state internal historical conflicts, struggles, dissolution, dissension, power machinations, extending outwards to, rippling through, MidEast/North Africa/Club Med revived imperial colonialist investments, influence.

Difference being, unlike WWII, this time around, Germany retains NO major military prowess.

At least, for now, temporarily.

Both France and UK CAN still project military power of some sort, ESPECIALLY IF/WHEN COMBINED WITH US, an IMPORTANT FACT OF POST WWII EQUATIONS to be remembered, noted.
So, what's a UNITED NAZI Deutschland, German, 800 pound European center stage gorilla to do under such circumstances??

PAY A BIG ECONOMIC PRICE for their UNIFICATION, one way or another.

Either their newly formed EURO LAND monetary integration dissolves, disintegrates, evaporates, with PROFOUND concomitant repercussions, OR, German government assumes DEBT!!

One or the other.

Can not have both.

So, destabilization all around, everywhere, including infamous NAZI Deutsche Bank, prominent member of a resurgent NAZI "MidEast FAMILY Emerging Markets" investment, speculative bubble, cyclical capital boom and bust, petro dollar/Euro money-go-round, revolving door:

Speaking of destabilization, ORGANIZED RIOTS occur at Egyptian soccer game JUST AFTER I highlighted item in MY POST BELOW about TANTAWI and US covert ops.

A premeditated, sponsored, MB (Muslim Brotherhood) bunch of Brownshirt NAZI thugs event?

Certainly NOT overly enthusiastic soccer fans.

Provocation, intimidation, threat, warning.
Chant they, in unison, General TANTAWI and HIS military OUT.

IF you doubt MY observations regarding pathological NAZI destabilization, dismemberment, delusional plans, policies, another juicy tidbit below which, considering an ESTABLISHMENT SOURCE from whence it originates, AT MINIMUM, at least, acknowledges, mentions, a FEW OBVIOUS FACTS TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, DENIED, IGNORED, DISTORTED by US and other presumed, nominal, enthusiastic "opposition" supporters, deniers, of those above, everywhere, covert operatives, surrogates, proxies:

Then, read, reference, my post, just below...

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