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Below, a nicely done one hour documentary first person interview, presentation, about above subject matter, history, and formation of a US UAW-CIO labor union.

Unfortunately, the entire documentary is NOT available online, as far as I can tell.

But, below my first link I found online a one and only PARTIAL FILM archive of the march mentioned above.
It is a SILENT clip, version, and NOT of good quality.
Nonetheless, you can try watching it.
It is NOT long, only a few minutes.

In the documentary link, featured below, IF you are able to see it in its entirety, you will notice FLEETING clips, moments, with marches, protests, including a NAZI SWASTIKA symbol buried within marching masses.

Ford is, was, continues, and always will be, AS ARE ALL MAJOR US/EU FINANCIERS and INDUSTRIAL CAPITAL ENTITIES, prominent supporters of previous and current NAZI/FASCIST movements, entities, interests.

Also MENTIONED below, but, not elaborated upon, post WWII UAW-CIO President Walter Reuther's death.
(**At the BOTTOM/END, of this post, I footnote with a BRIEF, independent, research paper I happened to find online highlighting suspicious discrepancies surrounding Reuther's death.**)

Without KNOWING, understanding, US labor history, one understands NOTHING!!

FORMER US AFL, Am Federation of Labor, OR, ARISTOCRACY of Labor Federation, basically, being NOT much different from a reactionary, collaborationist, role played today by our CURRENT AFL-CIA crop of post WWII 1947-50s Joe McCarthy morphed CIO TO CIA leadership, thanks to a US NAZI 1947 NATIONAL SECURITY and infamous TAFT-HARTLEY (anti) LABOR ACT, an INSTITUTIONALIZED, CODIFIED, PERMANENT, NAZI STATE apparatus, UN-elected government, infiltration, penetration, mafia, assassinations, red baiting, blacklisting, political purges, corruption, NAZI labor union corporate investments, partnerships, domestic and foreign COVERT operations, front groups, etc.

So, a 1930s, 40s, Communist led and established CIO, morphed into its opposite, above, in a slow, gradual, painful process, until no longer recognizable for what its former purpose, role, WAS, once upon a time NOT too long ago.

So, FIRST link to a documentary clip, trailer, featured on his/their website.
By the way, IF, PERHAPS, you experience SOME, A LITTLE, difficulty understanding verbal enunciation, articulation, he/it IS A BIT difficult to understand.
Try your best and replay it a second or third time and you SHOULD understand it/him by then:


Then, a second link available on youtube, below, advertised as a one and ONLY extant archival film footage including a 1932 Ford Hunger March, as discussed above in Clayton Rye's one hour documentary.
I warn, above, it is NOT good quality, alas, and silent.
But, short, so give it a try:


**FOOTNOTE** link regarding Reuther's death:



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