Saturday, May 5, 2012


Finding myself mildly intrigued by an article, below, about SILCHESTER International "BUYING INTO GREECE" ENTHUSIASTICALLY, I decided to do some further, CURSORY, research to find out more precisely just WHO and WHAT SILCHESTER International represents.

As usual, I am amply rewarded.

This is NOT the end of the story.
On the contrary, just a beginning.
Merely an APPETIZER from which to dine on a full course meal.
More connections with a Belgium based Conglomerate, apparently.

But, you are ON YOUR OWN to do further research, AS I DID.
You can do the same exercise for yourselves, IF you wish.
If not, then, continue limping merrily along, SUCKERS AND ASSHOLES UNITED, HERE AND THERE.

So, below a CONNECTION I most enjoyed, appreciated.
Article that piqued my interest, FIRST.
Then, A significant connection below it:

Then, a COUP D'GRACE I most enjoyed.
Check out BACKGROUND connections of Stephen C. Butt, (descriptive name), primary shareholder in Silchester, below:

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