Thursday, May 24, 2012


As I explain in previous posts, I receive, perhaps, a "bakers dozen" of daily UNSOLICITED invitations to international financial, security, military conferences in my inbox.
Occasionally, I decide to highlight, share, just one, as example, for the heck of it.

Since I am NOT able, generally, to discuss events on a continental Pacific, Asian, global side, I figured I would feature this one upcoming conference today.

It should be obvious HOPEFULLY what all the verbiage REALLY means, signifies, despite named Homeland threats, terrorism, euphemisms, disguise, double/triple speak:,_25th_-27th_June,_2012,_Queen_Elizabeth_II_Conference_Centre,_London,_UK.html

BECAUSE I can and do NOT write much about Asia, I highlight below ONE/A previous post I did encompassing some JAPAN NAZI interconnections.

Embedded in my previous post below, however, are more earlier links, including a C-Span interview with Iris Chang about her excellent book concerning WWII Japan "Rape of [China] Nanking," which, as I say in my post, I, and others, BELIEVE caused Chang's untimely death.

It is this sort of information "they," our present day ongoing global NAZI Axis alliance, historical revisionists, ideologues, spin meisters, prefer "suppressed." 
Chang simply became too much of an eloquent spokesperson, critique, a well documented researcher, reminder, and, an erudite representative, something "they" definitely DO NOT WANT proliferating, multiplying.

The message is a clear one.

IF one wishes to pursue a "successful" academic, literary, intellectual career of ANY sort and does NOT desire either to be dead, ostracized and/or marginalized, BE CAREFUL WHICH MATERIAL YOU CHOOSE, WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT IT, HOW YOU PUBLICIZE, DOCUMENT, ADVOCATE and/or ADVANCE IT:

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