Wednesday, May 16, 2012


In USA elections, we get to s-elect WHICH of two flavored, competing, NAZI FUHRERS, parties, we prefer.
Caught between a NAZI Devil and Deep Blue Sea.
In deference to those much in current news, Greek mythological figures, Charybdis and Scylla.
A true Hobson's choice.

Actually, we do NOT really s-elect a USA President and other candidates, anyway.
Decision made FOR US beforehand.

Then, the USA has irrelevant third parties for numerous reasons, SUCH AS, but, not limited to:

Our electoral system rigged as a winner take all one, NOT proportional representational OF ANY KIND.

For USA President something called an "electoral college" exists.
This is an arcane, historical, artifact, device, construct, difficult to explain, having to do with States proportionality, but, suffice it to say, an Electoral College guarantees desired outcomes anyway.
A US President is NOT elected, actually, by popular mandate, but, by a constitutionally designed "electoral college."  

(As an historical footnote, aside, our USA NATIONAL, Federal, State Representatives, two Federal SENATORS each, until not long ago, in 1913, by Constitutional Amendment, were previously NOT elected by popular mandate, but, instead, S-ELECTED by their respective STATE LEGISLATURE. 
I do NOT want to diverge too much, spinning off tangentially, here about HISTORICAL VOTING PROPERTY REQUIREMENTS, ELIGIBILITY, GOVERNMENT POSITIONS, REPRESENTATION, etc. 
Research it on your own.
It's voluminous.)

Then, our twin NAZI party DICTATORSHIP makes sure independent third parties can NOT access State electoral ballots without jumping through legal and financial hoops, opposition, challenges, dirty tricks, media blackouts, attacks, character assassination, misrepresentation, intimidation, threats, harassment, NSA Deep State infiltration, penetration, etc.

Finally when and IF it looks like somehow, against, overcoming, all possible odds, we MIGHT get a nominally independent viable third party, OFTEN TIMES, their program, issues, are compromised by covert operatives financed from one of our many deep state arms, apparatus, so that these third parties never really challenge fundamental, significant, most basic of ALL issues, CLASS OWNERSHIP, and, thus, serve as impotent outlets for frustration, actually augmenting, aiding, helping the above, rendering legitimate a totally dysfunctional system, namely, a PRIVATE PROPERTIED post WWII NAZI (NSA STATE) DICTATORSHIP.

Then, there are obvious ballot rigging mechanisms, (most infamous modern US example being a Florida "hanging chad" fiasco in a Presidential Bush-Gore recount s-election), then, subsequent US Supreme Court intervention, voter suppression, fraud, vote buying, bullying, nefarious methods of all kinds UTILIZED EVERYWHERE too numerous to itemize, specify, in detail, varying from place to place in one or another form.

Last, but, NOT least, and, MOST important, NO ORGANIZED LABOR OPPOSITION exists, except, of course, for nominal Democrats, which, as everyone here knows and I write repeatedly is NOT a class, labor, party.
Anything but.
Just its opposite.

For reasons I highlight above and more, elections HERE basically represent exercises in futility, giving PROPERTIED interests, crappy commercial media, ONLY more money, TAXPAYER SUBSIDIES, FUNDING, legitimacy, authority.



If you absolutely feel you MUST vote, HERE, then, vote NONE OF THE ABOVE or choose third party candidates because third parties represent ONLY protest votes anyway, and/or, write in a name, candidate.

But, I do RECOMMEND BOYCOTT as the BEST possible option. 

By the way, ONE thing United Suckers and Assholes most definitely DO have, derived from an infamous US colonial war slogan:
"Taxation with NO Representation!!"

(Of course, like all else, a single issue does NOT determine wars of colonial Independence, any more than experienced in India or elsewhere.
It is quite abit more complicated than a simplified symptom, slogan, like that above, and, once again, relates to COMPETING, CONFLICTING, PROPERTY RIGHTS, economic interests, development, land ownership, trading monopolies and so on and so forth.  
But, this is NOT an historical treatise, merely a brief, thumbnail, post.)

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