Thursday, May 3, 2012


Consider this entry as a postscript, addendum, to my post just below.
I receive LOTS of UNsolicited email invitations to many different kinds of investment, military, psychological, propaganda, DISINFORMATION, conferences of all sordid shapes, varieties, persuasions, names, titles, subject matter.
I reproduce, highlight, SOME of them on my blog, just for ironic entertainment, amusement, edification.
FOR EXAMPLE, ONE more conference invitation I received, below, amplifies my post entry from yesterday, lest one doubt the validity of ALL, multiple, sorts of FRONT groups, surrogates, infiltrators, agents, covert, psychological ops, utilized to achieve reactionary NAZI military and economic strategic objectives, goals, purposes.
Often paid, one consciously, KNOWINGLY, WILLINGLY, OPPORTUNISTICALLY, CHOOSES, although admittedly ocassionally duped or coerced, to participate, believe, promote, advance, BIG and little LIES, a NAZI agenda, most significantly, United Suckers and Assholes NAZI PARTNERED, CORPORATE INVESTED, LABOR UNION WHORES, PROSTITUTES, for example.
Then, we have "civil" society, religious institutions, front groups, individuals, academia, think tanks, print, electronic media, books, magazines, agent provocateurs, etc. 
A hired disingenuous, propaganda, DISINFORMATION ARMY accompanying a military one:


Finally, see yesterday's post, just below, for MY definitive EDITORIAL COMMENTARY, ANSWER, to this revolting, despicable, subject matter...

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