Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It is clear, obvious, to most every one, myself included, United Suckers and Assholes nominal President, Unser latest MORGAN/EXXON/CITIGROUP Fuhrer, Obooma, represents a dead man/Administration walking and talking, as their counterpart NAZI manufactured ARYAN ISLAMIC MULLAH IRAN regime and subsequent IRAQ OCCUPATION, Syria collaboration, Lebanon, Yemen, MidEast,

More "regime change" expected EVERYWHERE.

So, I anticipate in Alice in Wonderland Through a Looking Glass Darkly lots more POT SHOTS, escalating exposes, regarding NAZI HOUSE OF MORGAN, helping sink, torpedo, an already floundering Titanic OBOOMA Ship of State, forcing them to defend themselves.

Every time you read/hear Morgan, think Obooma.

Of course, as indicated previously, I do NOT expect House of Morgan imminent collapse, implosion, disappearance, liquidation, anytime soon, just their present power diminution, diversion, distraction, attention, lots of juicy publicity, problems, lawsuits, Congressional investigation, harassment, etc.
Blame game, finger pointing, excuses, etc.

After our latest US Presidential S-election fiasco, circus, choreographed, orchestrated, dance, theater, a House of Morgan feeding frenzy to die down and disappear conveniently from front page news, for the most part.

But, for the time being, FOR ME, better some titillating NAZI Morgan revelations than more Nazi/Hitler Obooma Presidential election year youth rallies.

Keeping that proviso in mind, see my earlier posts, reminders, advisories. 

Forewarned is forearmed.
Expect NO ELECTORAL CHANGE except a cosmetic one.
Buyer beware, like Facebook.


Then, see an earlier entry today, just below, concerning Greece, Germany, Euro Land...

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