Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Headline above represents a root essence of what our current global financial brouhaha surrounding a Greek debt implosion really represents.
It's NOT about Greece!!

Greek exit from Euro Zone lands will NOT happen, simply put, BECAUSE a Greek, and, then, subsequently others, DISSOLVES EU economic, political, INTEGRATION, INTENSIFYING, complicating, an OLD Eurasian Great Game imperialist chessboard of competition, rivalry, exacerbating Euro Land anarchy and jostling alliances FOR global assets, resources, PRIVATIZATION returning Euro Land to a not too distant, imperialist, competitive past prior to and post WWI (not WWII) period.

Single currencies do NOT present problems, like, for example, dollar, ruble, yen, yuan, whatever.
On the contrary.
They HELP economically rationalize, integrate, across broad geographical expanse what easily can and does otherwise become irrational, chaotic, speculative, manipulative, currency patchwork quilts.

It is ABOVE creating, causing, ALL current difficulties, PROBLEMS.

So, for THAT reason, POLITICAL solutions to be found of some sort maintaining Euro Land political and economic integration.

It makes NO difference whether or not, FOR EXAMPLE, Greece had a Drachma or Euro currency IN TERMS OF Greek DEBT and PRIVATIZATION.

EITHER WAY Greek debt NOT to be canceled, repudiated, nor its corollary ASSET STRIPPING, PRIVATIZATION, i.e., wholesale national STATE SELL OFF AND OUT, intended purpose, consequence, subterfuge.

Meanwhile, I thought I would feature a few more current links about another MIDEAST/ARAB NIGHTMARE ASSET STRIPPING PRIVATIZATION AND HOT, ONGOING, MULTIPLE WARS, conflagrations.

This time, CITADEL CAPITAL, connected to/with a customary source of suspects, like, for example, EFG-HERMES,

"Arab Spring on track to create opportunities for Private Equity in MENA"


In case you want to look around Citadel Capital, which you SHOULD, since THEY represent your NEW masters, I provide a SNIPPET below from Citadel's own website:


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