Friday, May 25, 2012


ALL credit for this entry goes to JOHN HELMER.

I highlight, link, to HELMER'S article below/above concerning MORGAN STANLEY AND RUSSIA because he does ME and, hopefully, others too, a rather nice SERVICE providing a concise, short, roundup, list, reminder, of POST USSR, NOW RUSSIA, criminal oligarchs, those PRIVATIZING, gobbling up, "with alittle bit of help from their friends," (paraphrase, quote, from a Beatles melody, in case you, like I, happen to be pop culture challenged), former vast USSR nationalized resources, assets.
(EMBEDDED LINKS in Helmer's piece, below, provide more background details.)

ALSO, Helmer MUST read MY mind BECAUSE for a long time I TRIED finding a doctored photo, sketch, illustration on the internet of SOME KIND depicting Pinocchio's nose to be used, placed, superimposed, on MORE THAN JUST MORGAN STANLEY, as did Helmer below.

But, alas, I did NOT find what I wanted.
And I was too busy, preoccupied and/or lazy to TRY to figure out another way to improvise an illustration of my own, going way beyond my technical skills, capacities.

ONE appears accompanying a HELMER link, article, below:


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