Monday, May 14, 2012


First, a minor reminder, below, following from ALL my MANY previous posts concerning another FASCIST OCCUPIED front/client/vassal MIDEAST state, namely, NAZI DOMINATED, OWNED, MANUFACTURED, OCCUPIED state of ZIONIST ISRAEL, similar to that of ROCKEFELLER CITIGROUP/EXXON(SAUDI ARAMCO)/MORGAN OCCUPIED AND MANUFACTURED, OWNED, SAUDI ARABIA and THEIR fundamentalist dictatorship, also exported.

Apparently, NAZI OCCUPIED, manufactured, created, ISRAEL NOW extends their ENERGY INVITATION to DANCE, PARTNER, with other INTERNATIONAL MAJORS in an ever EXPANDING, dizzying, regional, PRIVATE corporate Piranha feeding frenzy:


Additionally, below, more DOUBLE, hypocritical, standards BY a GREEK CP, KKE, which I document REPEATEDLY, AND, I MIGHT ADD, other nominal Left, CP groups, as well, ALL of whom, apparently, penetrated, co-opted, compromised AFTER USSR dissolution.

As you MAY RECALL, hopefully, previously, a GREEK KKE POLITELY visited their NAZI MANUFACTURED ARYAN ISLAMIC IRAN FUNDAMENTALIST REGIME, NOW OCCUPYING IRAQ (& elsewhere in Mideast), and, a Greek CP FINANCIAL PARTNER, requesting them simply to be ALITTLE more nice, cooperative, by legitimizing an Iran CP, Tudeh Party.

Big difference between kowtowing to their NAZI IRAN PAYMASTERS and their ISRAEL stance, below, which, BY THE WAY, ALSO NOW and before experiences LOTS of class protest, OPPOSITION, AGAINST PRIVATIZATION policies, which NOBODY ABOVE (or below) MANAGES TO FIND &/or support:


So, get ready for some MORE BIG time Mideast/global explosions which YOU ALL, "YAWL," YOURSELVES, participated, protected, partnered, aided an abetted, helped, advanced, justify, rationalize, excuse, etc., and CONTINUE!!

Suck on it, preferably, a Mideast lemon.

Do I care what happens to "yawl?"
Earned and deserved.

Yawl can go figure out HOW to crawl out of a hole into which yawl dug, projected, created, yourselves AND EVERYONE ELSE and CONTINUE doing so.

Most assuredly, above applies to United Suckers and Assholes PORKY PIG FACE AFL-CIA (NOMINAL CIO) PRESIDENT TRUMKA, our institutional LABOR whores, prostitutes, criminal mafia Establishment, Democrat partnered and NAZI INVESTED PIGS!!

I have to hear/see our despicable labor trash and their partners given legitimacy here constantly.

WITH NO THANKS or HELP WHATSOEVER FROM THE ABOVE, nonetheless, a group of 50 PHYSICIANS on their OWN INITIATIVE, CONTRARY, OPPOSED, IN SPITE OF, THE ABOVE, filed a Supreme Court Amicus Brief in an upcoming legal battle to repeal "Obamacare," as his/their health bill labeled derisively:




As for Greece, just remember, a good solution for an ARAB GOOSE is similarly good, with slight modifications, revisions, for a GREEK GANDER!!

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