Monday, May 7, 2012


Sorry, can not get excited about meaningless, futile exercises EVERYWHERE in elections, resolving nothing whatsoever, representing nominal, window dressing, change.

As for IN NAME ONLY French Socialists, in THEIR honor, I thought I would link to a previous post I did about Mitterrand's previous election.

France ALREADY privatized its remaining STATE industries with MAJOR STRIKES, MILITANT RESISTANCE, OPPOSITION, led primarily by their CGT, against privatization, AND, they received absolutely NO significant support, recognition, emanating from outside French borders.

I certainly do NOT expect "Socialists" IN NAME ONLY to turn around to re-nationalize industries formerly privatized.

Of course, Greece represents an ongoing, continuous, battle.
NO ELECTORAL consensus reached in Greece, as we/they all expected.
So, perhaps, only, next, answer to a Greek democracy deficit, dilemma, stalemate, being a Mideast NAZI nightmare, "Arab Spring," concoction, different in name, but, not substance.

Below a PREVIOUS POST REGARDING FRENCH SOCIALIST MITTERRAND, along with other connections, processes, CONTINUED to this day:


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