Sunday, August 26, 2012


As usual, a complicit, compliant, complacent, US NAZI PARTNERED, collaborationist, criminal, mafia, extortionist, traitorous, labor union racketeering leadership, THUGS, covert operatives, agents, NEGLECT mentioning, itemizing, detailing, any POLICIES, FACTS, CONNECTIONS below in their latest apologetics, lame excuses, rationalizations, about South Africa's recent mine labor carnage, dispute, one I featured a few posts earlier.

They stumble over themselves attempting to whitewash, spin, explain, THEIR OWN INVOLVEMENT, SUPPORT, to/for ALL reactionary, counter-revolutionary, global regimes at SERVICE, BEHEST, OF THEIR NAZI PAYMASTERS.

So, just TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT, as refresher, rebuttal, FIRST, I link to two previous posts I did on South Africa privatization and related subject matter.

Then, afterwards, at the end, bottom, I provide a SAMPLE of what US LABOR WHORES, SCUMBAGS, PROSTITUTES say and forget to mention, include, on this subject.

Contrast and compare for yourselves.

More information readily available, of course, IF you care to do some research and reading on your own as well as a few more entries I did on my own posts/blog to which I do NOT link.

So, FIRST, two of MY earlier posts:


Then, a sampling of our despicable, deplorable, repulsive, nauseating, NAZI PARTNERED US ANTI-COMMUNIST LABOR WHORES, LACKEYS:

Oh, by the way, your VILE NAZI ROCKEFELLER CITIGROUP/EXXON/MORGAN OBOOMA DICTATORSHIP sugar daddy ADMINISTRATION PROPOSES MORE PRIVATE Federal Reserve TAXPAYER funded ersatz, bogus, economic "STIMULUS" monies, i.e, payola, graft, corruption, SUBSIDIES, VOTE BUYING.

Think any opposition from those above to occur?

A rhetorical question, obviously, as our labor whores SUPPORT STIMULUS AND DEBT EACH AND EVERY TIME AROUND, from NATIONAL down to local CITY and STATE levels.

We have here NO "OXI" labor men and women, political movement.
Instead, we have ONLY cooperative "YES" LABOR MEN AND WOMEN, a pretend, make believe, fictional, opposition.
Then, they run around crying crocodile tears about taxes.

So, take your BULLSHIT STIMULUS MONIES, PAYOLA, GRAFT, a VOTE BUYING mechanism, and shove it up your collective asses where it remains forever hopefully so you die of constipation.

A slow torture being far more preferable to, befitting, THEIR CLASS crimes against humanity than immediate, direct execution, elimination, death.
That's much too simple for THIS venomous, toxic, CROWD.

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