Sunday, August 5, 2012


It takes NOT much more than two headlines as reported below, including MY previous posts, to encapsulate, summarize, GREEK issues.

And, for that matter, most everywhere.

Except for the fact that HOT military wars of conquest, NAZI/FASCIST occupation, invasion, dictatorship, imperialist coups, competition, domination, exist elsewhere, already.

Another resurgent, nascent, HISTORICAL NAZI GREEK DICTATORSHIP/OCCUPATION in the making in an ever expanding list.

Poor continental Eurasia (and Africa) once again contested territory, a repeated battle ground, in already blood soaked lands of invading barbarian hordes, armies, militias, empires, wars, bombs, refugees, back and forth, all jockeying for power.
My heart DOES bleed for YOU.
How many times must we view such reincarnated horror movies??
Deja vu!

Ah, for good ole days of yore when USSR STABILITY reigned, having killed the goose that laid a golden HISTORICAL egg!:

"OPAP to spearhead privatizations; Elliniko problematic":


"Greece's new pledges will take epic battle to implement":


A personal anecdote.

I recall, SOMETIME BACK, after USSR dissolution but prior to or just after 9/11 events, attending a lecture about one or another ARCANE subject matter, and, as part of a concluding question and answer period, someone posited a speculative scenario to which the academic speaker/author confidently, most assuredly, promised, guaranteed, prognosticated, words more or less to the effect, as best I can recall, paraphrased:

'European land mass (Eurasia) NEVER to experience another major (or minor) war on THEIR territory BECAUSE European (Eurasian) balance of power was contested so many times over, proving simply impossible to resolve, overcome, realign, just too costly.
Thus, existing balance of power NOT to be redressed!'

Unfortunately, I can not remember his name, thus, can NOT quote him.

Nonetheless, famous last words I recall quite distinctly, smiling.

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