Thursday, August 2, 2012


A personal note.

MY OWN celebratory commemoration to a VASTLY SICK, COMMERCIALIZED, COMPETITIVE, HIGHLY OVERRATED, GLORIFIED, Bread and Circus, diversionary distraction, namely, current FASCIST sponsored OLYMPICS.

I searched, jarred, my now occasionally dysfunctional memory for something appropriate, befitting Olympics, and, retrieved from somewhere in dark archives, recesses, caverns, in my non-linear, non-computerized, brain a movie so named BELOW/ABOVE.

It happens to be ONE of many FAVORITES.

Another amongst numerous CLASSICS made at that time.

IF you have NOT seen it, YOU SHOULD!!
You will NOT be disappointed.
I guarantee.

IF you HAVE seen it, I am sure you will remember it with great fondness, as I do.
It speaks for itself, so, I will NOT belabor the issue any further.

ENTIRE MOVIE, link below, BUT, warning, I EXPERIENCED AUDIO/SOUND/VOLUME difficulties.
Hope it is ONLY my end and not yours, as well.
Good luck!:


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