Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I thought today I would feature another PRIVATE energy business, link below, DRAGON OIL.
Don't forget infamous traitor extraordinaire and interconnected KINGPIN IRAQ JAFAR family clan, dynasty, their PRIVATE OCTOPUS of DANA GAS/ABRAAJ/GULFTAINER, etc.

Out of sight BUT NOT be out of mind.

They, he, remain busy selling out and off everyone and everything in a broadest regional sense.

Meanwhile, below a snippet regarding another interconnected murky energy business, DRAGON OIL, based, of course, where else, in UAE, invested in Turkmenistan, Iraq, Yemen, and more.

IF you search their name, Dragon Oil, you come up with LOTS more information, links, items featured other than one to which I link below FOR STARTERS, to pique your curiosity, that is, IF you have any curiosity, interest, brains, intellect, remaining.

Dragon Oil, NOT sure about it, MAY have a Syrian angle, connection, as well.
Have NOT researched it to know one way or another.
Just speculative on MY part.
Something to CONSIDER:

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