Friday, August 31, 2012


As postscript to my earlier entry just below about a modern day Peloponnesian War, I am glad, very thankful, SOMEONE other than myself follows the exploits of former Greek PM PAPANDREOU now that he pursues a somewhat belated career at prestigious, illustrious, US, Ivy League, Harvard University, also of IRAQ MEMORY FOUNDATION fame, as well as other wealthy, well-connected, emigres of dubious repute.

I did a previous post on Papandreou career move and will link to it afterwards, at the end.

But, I can NOT update and follow EVERYTHING, so, it is very helpful to have other eyes, brains, some people STILL have that, and, hands doing it for me/us.
A service.
Truly, sincerely.
Much appreciated.
Volunteer assistance.
So, here it is:

A fine, excellent, example of what passes HERE for intellectual, media, academic, labor, educational, analytic, "quality" IN GENERAL.
You name it, represented by above, and, below.
Is it any wonder United Suckers and Assholes live in a myopic world of make believe, fiction, tripping the Light Fantastic Through A Looking Glass Darkly.
Hollywood, Disneyland,

Finally, as promised, MY earlier post regarding same subject matter:

Then, see today's previous entry, just below...

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