Monday, August 6, 2012


Above heading, refrain, in case a reader finds him or her self lost by a literary reference from the most famous of all English language bards, play, dramatic characters, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, of course:

Witches scene from which above famous phrase, quote, above excerpted in its entirety:

So, what has OUR NAZI MACBETH STATE DICTATORSHIP witches brew, cauldron, concocted for us ALL NOW, once again??
It seems, another inexplicable domestic "terror" event, shooting spree, apparently.
This time, planned cleverly in a relatively more "exotic" (for here) religious setting, with PRESUMED shooting culprit dead, killed, at the scene.
Can not prosecute or question a corpse.
As to why choose a Sikh Temple and that particular location, well, MANY possibilities from domestic to those abroad come to MY mind.
I won't bother enumerating all possible reasons.
I'm sure YOU too can imagine if you stretch or scratch your brain alittle.

As a helpful reminder from a previous post, hypothesis, forecast I made while all the while peering into my own crystal ball simultaneously mumbling incantations from Macbeth:

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