Saturday, August 18, 2012


Additional horrors, nightmares, exist than those enumerated below, like, for example, perpetual, endemic, EXPANDED, imperialist, WAR, climatic change, natural disaster and so on.

Do recall, Bank of Israel, named below, means former IMF executive Stanley FISCHER as GOVERNOR:

By the way, as addendum to my previous post below featuring a LETHAL South Africa mining labor strike, only a week or so preceding these events US NAZI DICTATORSHIP PRESIDENT (nominal Secretary of State), Hillary Clinton, SPOKE IN SOUTH AFRICA ABOUT ENERGY, OIL AND GAS, economic DEVELOPMENT, partnership, liberalization, etc.

Talk about fanning fires, flames, seeds of discontent.

Not difficult to understand WHY everywhere, not just on Planet Earth greatest United Suckers and Assholes nation, reactionary PRIVATE NAZI corporate interests require MARTIAL LAW simply to exist, and, of course, receive life support from working class, taxpayer funded, subsidies, gifts, grants, boondoggles, "stimulus, TARP," debt, etc.

Modern variations on an ancient theme.

So, as MY own public works employment project, I strongly urge everyone residing in a vicinity nearby to come together to restore, BRICK BY BRICK, a former Berlin Wall, extend it further to all of what was former USSR, like a Great Wall of China, but, this time around, build it of material stronger than a metaphorical "Iron Curtain" which was, apparently, insufficient, inadequate, to keep out invading NAZI barbarian hordes infiltrating, descending, from the West.

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