Thursday, August 23, 2012


Two entries today.
This one, perhaps, somehow, precipitated as a postscript from my earlier one just below.

I thought to post a REMINDER, REFRESHER, to HIGHLIGHT A SINGLE WWII CHAPTER aimed at people totally ignorant, unaware, of any WWII historical complexities since all CURRENT paths lead back and forth to WWII, in this happenstance, Rome.

So, below a Wiki background snippet from which to begin a long journey of exploration and education.

Most people, at least, HERE, do NOT realize FIRST WWII Concentration Camps, prototypes, were those established by colonial Italy in North Africa, what subsequently became post WWII liberated nation state of LIBYA.

You can follow embedded links below for further elaboration, do more searches on this and related subjects as well as read hundreds, thousands, of books:

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