Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Another "shocking and awful" surprise from our present day theatre of SURREAL ABSURDITIES and characters from which to pick and choose as Alice survives, exists, barely, in a NAZI Wonderland Through a FASCIST Mirror Darkly inverted, upside down, topsy turvy, camouflaged, double/triple speak, jabberwocky, euphemistic, world, tripping the light fantastic on a daily basis.

So, I decided to amuse myself, and, PERHAPS, A FEW OTHERS, this time around, by highlighting just two items for MY, possibly your, edification/entertainment/pleasure.

Thus, consider today's entry a stand up comedy routine.
First, fox investigates guards at economic chicken coop, hen house, i.e., NAZI lineage JP MORGAN of current London Whale fame and LIBOR scandals to be investigated by...guess who?

Oh, come on, now.
Take a wild guess.
Put on your thinking caps!!


Former EXXON executive!!

NAZI ROCKEFELLER CITIGROUP/EXXON/MORGAN Obooma Dictatorship investigates themselves!

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who, amongst our clubby den of robber barons, crooks, thieves and war criminals, be thee the fairest, most beautiful, maiden of us all??":


My response to ALL above/below from MY all time favorite:


"I Shall Exterminate Everything around Me That Restricts Me from Being the Master" by George Grosz, 1921



Lastly, a SANITIZED version of numerous posts I did on the following heading subject matter in another amongst redundant, proliferating, conferences, symposiums, think tanks, institutes, academia, apologists, revisionists, etc.

So, latest on "State of Iraq Oil Production."

FROM MY POINT OF VIEW especially noteworthy about this particular Iraq Oil event being venue--a NAZI OBOOMA PARTNERED SEIU national LABOR UNION office, hall!!
Does not get any better, does it!!

Meanwhile, my standard proviso, warning.
I provide a link below ONLY so you can see/hear HOW above topic presented HERE, by, for, whom, which/whose purposes, etc.

Consider it an object or abject lesson, exercise, for all those living in or out side of Alice in Wonderland Through a Mirror Darkly greatest nation soon to become extinct on Planet Earth.

Of course, below a SANITIZED, neutered, neutral, analysis, narrative, but, a WEE BIT of factual information to be gleaned IF one bothers translating, listening attentively to, I admit, with great difficulty, what obliquely they reference, mention, placing it into proper context, background, etc.

So, TRY NOT throwing things at your TV/computer screen.
It does NO good and only ruins your electronic device and your day/evening.

Sit back, relax.

ALL is acting, surreal theatre, posturing, Kabuki style performance, scripted, like ALL politically staged events and gutter commercial media here and abroad.

ALL read from a similar script, playbook, dialogue, etc., with predetermined and delineated parameters, guidelines, what not to say, how to phrase and name it, etc.:


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